This summer we are offering an exciting outdoor experience for kids to enjoy. The Musee St-Pierre-Jolys Museum in St-Pierre-Jolys will by our host as SAYZOONS launches into action for the first time!

The group out on a hike today along the river.
Image property of SAYZOONS

We will be able to provide a unique set of custom programs designed specifically for our region.

Are you ready to introduceĀ  your child into an outdoor recreation program that isn't all about sport??

All you have to do is email

Everyday starts with the VILLAGE. we need to make sure we have shelter. EAch day we will learn new things

SAYZOONS provides services year round in every town!

Special events, before and after school, workshops, Spring, summer and winter breaks

SAYZOONS will ensure that the outdoors are a safe and exciting place to be and the skills and friendships created there will have a lasting impression on the community as a whole