We are expecting to have at least 30 kids for our summer camp 2020

Parents let us know what they need and we listened.

Our camps will offer FREE early drop off and offer an extra 1/2 hour supervised waiting period at the end of the day

PLUS an option of extending care to 5:30 for a small fee

Our camps will be at a great location which will allow us access to

Baseball diamond, soccer field, trails, trees, beach volleyball, skate park, cargo net, exercise equipment,  frog pond, and a splash pad

Our activities will be conducted outdoors and we are working very hard to make 2 arrangements for severe weather events so we won't have to cancel camp

Our camps are NUT FREE. We want to make sure everyone can have a safe time at camp.

Our amazing park is located within 6 blocks of the RCMP detachment and a Hospital equipped with an ER, Lab, Diagnostic services, in the event that one of our staff goes with a child to have medical attention.

Are you interested in getting the most bang for your buck? email us with the subject line


You will be added to an email list which we send an email before January with amazing savings that might be too good to be true but aren't! We are so excited to launch that we want to celebrate by letting you have first dibs on the deals.

We will also be available for the 2 stat holidays. There will be a minimum attendance needed for those days